Severe Weather

Severe Weather

The Russell Soccer Club is committed to the safety of our players, match officials, coaches and spectators and this will always be our primary concern in weather events that occurs before or during all practices/matches.  We take direction from our governing body, the EODSA (sanctioned by Canada Soccer), with regards to safety protocols and cancellation guidelines.


All Recreational (House League) cancellations will be announced by RSC a minimum of 30 minutes before EACH scheduled practice/game when possible.   The Club will send an email to members as well as post to the RSC Facebook page.

Extreme heat:

28° or higher: extra water breaks given

37° humidex or higher: games cancelled 

Severe weather/lighting:

Cancelled when thunder or extreme weather is present 

Air quality: 

 AQHI 7 or higher: games cancelled 


The EODSA policies can be found here:

Extreme Temperature Guidelines - EOSL

Severe Weather & Lightning Policy - EOSL

Air Quality Policy - EOSL


All Competitive (Raiders) game cancellations will be announced by the EODSA via an email directly to team coaches/managers. 

More information issued by Canada Soccer can be found here:

Lightning_Policy_E.pdf (


**It is always the responsibility of the player or parent/guardian to decide whether or not they participate in a scheduled session**