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Russell Soccer Club members and families,

During the 2013 soccer season parking at the rear lot of St. Joseph School became an issue with the school, home owners on Campbell Court, and RSC. Vehicles were being parked on the grass opposite the fences bordering on Campbell Court, and also on the play/swing set area. Complaints were made to the school and to RSC by the property owners. To ensure we maintain our long standing partnership with the school, RSC has committed to the following actions listed below. We ask for your full cooperation to ensure that RSC members and their families can continue to enjoy the available parking at the rear of the school.

  • RSC committed to the sending of an email to all our members advising of the issue, and the steps taken to address it.
  • RSC advised all House League coaches of the parking issue during their orientation meeting this past week and requested the information be passed to team parents. The areas in question would be blocked from vehicle parking use, and RSC will place cones to designate the areas where parking is not permitted.
  • RSC will update their web site soccer field maps to indicate the no parking areas.
  • The Township of Russell Bylaw enforcement will be made aware of the no parking zone and will be asked to enforce the applicable bylaws.

RSC owns no fields for the use of our membership, and relies on agreements and relationships with our local schools and their respective boards for use of the property. In all cases we must abide by the rules of the school boards for our continued use of the fields and properties. We ask for your full cooperation in helping to ensure RSC retains the use of the fields and parking facilities that you, our members rely upon.

RSC Board of Directors