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Hello RSC Members,

In the Email the club sent earlier, we mentioned the possibility of an outdoor program for as long we could go. Russell Soccer Club is excited to say that we are moving ahead with 'Go till it snows'. Registration is now open and can be accessed through your PowerUp account or by going to our website and clicking the register & login here button on the right. Registration will be open until November 4th. There is limited availability so once the spots fill you will be put on a waiting list. The cost of the program will be $40, starting on November 7. We will run for as long as we can, until the field is not playable. This could be 2 weeks or 8, depends on what mother nature has in store for us. There will be no refunds once the program starts.

We will be following all the guidelines, restrictions and rules set to us by Ontario Soccer. That means this program will strictly be a skills program. As it stands we are not allowed to run games of any kind. It gives the kids a great opportunity to work on their foot skills.

Everything will be run at Loucks Park, in Russell. The times will be 1030am, 12pm, and 130pm. Younger ages in the earlier groups. Once we know exactly how many of each age we will split the kids up.

The program is open to kids from the ages of 9-17.

Once registration is over on the 4th we will let those registered know what time slot and the procedures that everyone needs to follow.

The Club looks forward to seeing you on the field.

Thank you

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